A downloadable game for Windows

Neon Edge is a challenging platformer prototype created for IGMC 2018.  It's inspired by games like Ninja Gaiden, Shinobi, Shadow of the Ninja and Strider.  This short prototype features one level and one boss fight.

A controller is recommended but definitely not required!

Art, music, sound effects, code, design and everything else by Scythuz.

Game created in Gamemaker Studio 2.

Install instructions

Extract the zip folder, run the exe.  Use alt + enter to switch between windowed and fullscreen.  Press alt + f4 to close the game.


Neon Edge - IGMC 2018.zip 35 MB


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A bit rough but for an event game all done by one person this was pretty good man. Wouldn't mind seeing more being added to it with some polish.

Thanks Ziggy!

I felt....nostalgic.

Thank you T_T

I had fun playing this nice job

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!